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Blog Action Day

Ok, so mount_oregano (mi amiga) posts that today is Blog Action Day to post about the environment. It's here at http://www.blogactionday.org. Gee, what's a Weather Dude's wife to do? Post about the weather, of course.

We are 14 inches down in rain for the year here in our weird little (almost WV, almost MD) corner of VA. That's about half our normal rainfall. And not a cloud in sight. Normally, in summer drought conditions, we expect tropical storms and the remains of hurricanes to break the cycle. Not happening this year. 14 inches is a full year's rain and more for some areas. But it's not very much for this corner of the map. I like rain. And I'm not used to living without it. And the Dude tells me this is not going to be a winter to expect a lot of snow.

The well guy was here last week. Because the water kept shutting off in the middle of a shower. In a drought, this is a disturbing thing. A year ago when this happened, there was a pinhole leak and water was going everywhere in the basement. Not so this time. And the problem had worsened in conjunction with the lack of rain. Talk about freaking us out. Because our well is only 85 feet deep when neighbors have wells 300-500 feet deep. But ours had a flow of 25 gallons per minute when it was dug 30 years ago. And it was found with peach divining rods, which the deeper wells weren't. And the previous owner had been the Chief of Groundwater for the USGS and you would think he would pick a house with a good water source, the way the Dude picks houses well above floodplains and away from hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Long story short, the well guy found that the brass nipple into our pressure tank was solid with iron oxide crud. Huge sigh of relief all around. And when he turned the water back on, the tank filled merrily. So we have water. For now. I have never in my life been quite so aware of water or the lack thereof.

And this weekend, I discussed the end of the Canadian ice roads with Canadian author Karl Schroeder. The season is shorter and shorter each year when the Canadian lakes freeze hard enough to haul heavy loads on them. And Connie Willis remarked in July that the summer weather in Colorado was no longer predictable and wasn't all this just proof of global warming?

Well, the Dude is Teh Weatherdude. Really. Not your garden variety weatherdude, but the real McCoy. Scratch him and he oozes raw weather data, arrows spilling out of him in every direction. And he knows about trofs and fronts. No wait. Miss E already knows about fronts and trofs too. Well then it's something about that little PhD thingie he got a while back and that he does this for a living and has for many years. His response is that though he firmly believes that global warming is happening, unfortunately, the data is still within the realm of what has gone before, climatologically.

But meanwhile, we are 14 inches below normal for the year.

Frog Out
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