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Shopping for Jeans

Not a pleasant subject. 1.35 inches of rain is much more pleasant, though there is a hole in my cabin roof, courtesy of some critter not likely to have been a woodchuck.

Jeans. Frustration city. Women come in different sizes and shapes. I guess guys do too. But usually guys don't have this waist/hip issue.

I finally came to the DUH! conclusion that it is getting cold and I won't fit into my old jeans until mid-winter and I had better break down and buy a pair in a size I swore I would never wear again. Hopefully I won't wear the new pair out and instead they will get too loose.

So I went (growling) to a popular store where I had previously bought jeans sized as "relaxed fit" through the hips and thighs. Because that's how I'm shaped. Especially right now. Jeans never fit me in the waist, I got used to the idea that they will have a gap and just do the best I can. While I swore I would never wear hip-huggers again, being of a certain age and having worn them the first time around, I have to admit they eliminate the waist measurement issue.

Guess what? Popular chain store has completely revamped their sizing. (more growling)

They now have jeans in 3 types: curvy, average, and straight from waist to hip. I actually have friends who are on the "straight from waist to hip" line, but frankly, they're thin and athletic. A nice (grrrrr) salesgirl offered to help me size myself for these revolutionary new "fitted" jeans. However, she refused to believe that I might fit the curvy style, no matter what I told her. She gave me 4 pairs of the other 2 kinds and only 1 of the curvy fit ones. Oh and the sizing? Some bizzaro scale from 1 to 5 or more. With no correlation between the types that I could tell. She had me try on a size 4 in average and a size 1 in curvy. Gee, guess which pair actually fit me in the waist? Would that be the jeans described as fitting women with a 10-13 inch drop from waist to hips? Ya think?

She still refused to believe me when I told her. (continued growling) So I showed her how the average and straight pairs had a 3-4 inch gap around my waist when sized appropriately through the hips. She told me the thighs on the curvy style would be too loose for me. I stared at her. To me, it's f'ing obvious where I'm currently carrying excess weight. Apparently not to her. And, although these are stretch jeans and although women are wearing them tight, I have no desire to pretend to be 20 years younger than I actually am. Nor any to show every nasty bulge through my hips. Nor to wear Spanx to avoid showing same. Jeans are for comfort. She told me that they should be tightly fitted with only the ability to sit being important. Ha.

It is possible that this pair is a teensy bit loose in the legs. A hot wash will probably take care of that. The legs are, sadly, flared. Another style I left behind. So I had to buy the regular length instead of my normal petite. Because short bell bottoms look a lot more stupid than short straight legs. So now I do look like I did in high school with the flared bottoms covering my feet completely because I'm also not the type who wears heels. I actually rolled them up today to avoid soaking them in the wet grass when I let the chickens out.

I have achieved temporary jeans, and emerged victorious from the store. Still growling, though.

See? I said I was curvy and loopy.

Frog Out
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