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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Where We Write

gregvaneekhout was asking in one of his posts where we write as a change from him showing us where he writes. I had put this off hoping to have my usual assortment of "helpers" in my office with me. But by the time all the helpers show up, I'm so focused on whatever I'm doing that I forget to take a photo. Ok, so it's a poor excuse.

Here is my writing spot in the house, my office that also handles all the family business and where I do my other job related to taxes. That small table holds my laptop, currently closed. I use two computers at once during tax season.

Dog has helpfully shown me where I should be sitting, not standing and taking photo.

[Edit] Ok, Jasper. That's nothing. Here are the other two walls of my office from the opposite corner. Our house is filled with books and shelves, but here in my little world, it's 90% SFF. I expect to add the Wannoshay Cycle here very soon.

This is my real writing spot, but sometimes I avoid it, for whatever reason. The back side roof has sprung a leak where some squirrels decided to rip out the insulation and build a nest. One of my photos was ruined as a result, a favorite of a special place in Denmark where I've always planned to set a universe.

And this is what it looks like inside, a bit neglected right now. No writing on the white board, where I play with story ideas. But this is where the Mouse King's universe was born and where all the weirdo fairies live.
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