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WFC #2

Well I've seen catrambo and araken and Chris. I haven't yet run into dsmoen, where are you D? frostokovich has posted at length about health, to quash various rumors that are flying about. He's not here in body, just in gossip. There's another rumor that the November issue of Locus has a review of Shadowbridge. My copy won't arrive for weeks yet and I couldn't find a newsstand copy in Borders yet. But the book is up for pre-ordering on Amazon. Shipping on Jan 8, I believe.

Yesterday, I saw Andy Duncan, Jim Kelly, John Kessel, Paul Park, Walter John Williams, all in passing for a brief hello and how are you. Andy has been busy with his camera. I sat in on the Broad Universe reading and a couple others, including Ellen Kushner's. I met Kelly Link and Judith Berman and chatted with Suzy Charnas about how very much I enjoy some of her blog postings, esp. the ones about her kitchen, which made her laugh. It's all becoming a blur. This is a big con. It feels bigger than a Worldcon where you mostly run into fans...but of course, it isn't.

Walter confirmed the rumor that he is doing Taos Toolbox again in 2008 and with Kelly Link as his partner. (See my tags, see the website.)

Today there are more readings...Datlow's Inferno, Paul Park, Jeff Ford, Andy Duncan's. Panels I'm going to try and sit in on.

My big score yesterday was a yarn shop a block away. A yarn shop with an annual sale on wool. Miss E is always complaining that wool is scratchy so I picked up some very soft wools to prove her wrong. And then I found it was something to do with my hands while in readings. So if you're still looking for me D, I'm the one knitting the pink-purple yarn into a scarf.

Frog Out
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