Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Stress Moment

I spent my writing retreat weekend working on a new story, so the Mouse King has not been worked on since late November. Yesterday, when power flips were plaguing the coffee shop in town, I decided to open and review what I had done, not being ready for the not-quite-finished new draft.

And I couldn't find any version of the Mouse King edited in November. Last version was October.


Panic, panic, panic.

Because the new opening was good. And it was gone.

I had no more time to work out why my computer had lost a file. It had never done this before. I had six versions of the Mouse King on this computer, none of which had been edited in the past month. And I knew it had to be on the laptop, because my editing sessions had primarily been during work group.

When I got home, on the off chance that I had cut and pasted the file instead of copying to my desktop Mac, I checked. No Mouse King on that computer either.

I had to put the problem aside for a few hours and be a Mom, do homework, take E to drama, get dinner. Later, when E and The Dude were decorating the tree, I decided to look at every file modified in the past 30 days. The only file modified on the correct date was a file called "Mouse King Strip." Which I thought was the file containing my cut words, because, hey, I might need them again. So I opened it. And it had my opening. And then I realized that I had renamed the file completely.


I have no brain at all. Sheer panic mode.

I blame it on hormones.

Frog Out
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