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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

End of Year

2007 is drawing to a close and 2008 promises to be The Year of The Writer for me. I will receive payment for my first pro sale. I will receive payment for freelance course writing. I become legit. And on top of all that, I will continue to have tax clients, in season.

But it's always writing season. And Helen's story is not finished. And OzCon is in two weeks. And we need to send the ms. around ahead of time. I figure Helen's story is missing about a thousand words. And she told me something privately recently, something that has to be incorporated into the story now, whether it works or not.

Meanwhile, we lost another chicken. So we're down to 8 girls now. She was dead in the coop, not by the hands of some nasty predator. The Dude buried her in what is now the chicken graveyard. The soil was soft for six inches and then hard as a rock. Which means the drought continues. At this time of year, short of a hard freeze, the ground should be moist a lot deeper. One year, the pond was even overflowing its banks, not essentially empty.

It was not Walkabout. We let the girls out and she promptly came up to the house and demanded tribute. We breathe a collective sigh of relief.

E still believed in Santa Claus this year, though it's the first year he didn't bring her what she wanted, but what she needed. She wanted some ponies that are no longer made. She needed a new DVD player. Santa attached a letter to her present. She read it and was almost in tears. However, once she began using her new player, she perked up. And the letter suggested she talk to her parents about a place called "eBay" where they have the toys that Santa no longer stocks. This morning, she reminded me to go and look, which I did since I have a fast connection for the day. We found 3 of the 4 ponies missing from her massive collection. Well, actually we found all 4, but I told her paying $50 for Thistle Whistle was out of the question. The other 3 were 10% of that price.

At least she didn't want Santa to put a real pony in the five acre field.

E is into doing jigsaw puzzles. Her Aunt gave her lots of puzzles made from photos of her cats, etc. They come without a picture. But E is very quick to figure out what the puzzle's subject is.

And now...off to take a look at Helen.
Frog Out
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