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Presenting His Majesty, The Mouse King

Yes, I should be writing. And not about The Mouse King, but about Helen, so I have something to submit at OzCon.

Mrs. G caught a mouse. The Dude rescued it. E took it to school. PD caught a mouse. The Dude leapt around in the grass like a cat and rescued it. We put it in a jar. It went into the collection box with the other mouse when E came home from school. E took them both to school. E is very popular, except with some of the teachers. We were strictly catch and release. We expected mouse heart attacks. Apparently, two bachelor mice know a good thing when they have it. (The Dude verified their sex.) We decide that if the mice survive our college student babysitter over Thanksgiving, we will get them a proper cage. We return to find our college student babysitter with a strainer in our pantry attempting to recapture the mice. One escapes. The Dude proclaims it gone. Leaves door open. PD appears five minutes later on our bed, growling, with mouse, now deceased, in his mouth. We verify that this was his mouse, not Mrs. G's. (Size difference.) We buy a cage for the remaining mouse. He's lonely, but hey, we can only rescue so many mice. He can get through the 1/2 inch bars of what is advertised as a mouse condo. The Dude puts "hardware cloth" around the cage. I decide, naturally, that he is a dead ringer for the Mouse King, except for his tail, which is just too short.

Apparently, the Mouse King is not a town mouse, but a field mouse or vole. Here is The Mouse King:

The Mouse King was photographed in the bathtub. This is the only "safe" place to do mouse transfers for purposes of cleaning his cage or sending him to school. Yes, he still goes to school in our collection box. He's not learning much, but he seems to enjoy the day out.

Meanwhile, he lives in the living room. Mice being vectors, we hesitated to allow him to live in E's room. He likes the living room, which is chilly or warm and frequently quiet. However, whenever the doors are open, one can usually find a few "cats" observing the cage closely. There are three cats in this photo.


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Jan. 3rd, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
Oooh, that's too funny. Can't wait to meet the Dude and all the critters.
Jan. 3rd, 2008 05:42 pm (UTC)
Our cats also believe in catch and release (Pif especially). She releases both mice and birds in our house, as I believe she loves to see humans going crazy trying to catch them. Most of the mice are white-footed mice, but we have had a few of the voles as well. I once put two of the white-footed mice in a hamster habitat, and they learned to use the wheel right away, but when they started chewing each other's ears, we let them go.
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