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A 'person' of interest has been named in regards to the barn vandalism. A long, brown, furry rodent was seen running from the scene at teatime today. According to a police sketch artist's rendition, the 'person' of interest looks suspiciously like a woodchuck or groundhog. However, nothing was disturbed at that time. Less than two hours later when the 'victim' returned the tractor to the barn, the can was again disturbed. The tithing was untouched. And a brand new 50lb bag of crumbles had been vandalized and torn open by, paws??? With small claws?

The victims of these 'attacks' are said to be greatly relieved that the vandal is probably not a young and stupid raccoon. More details as they are received.

Frog Out

PS What the heck does a groundhog like to eat if it doesn't like apples or diet cat food. Darned thing looked like it needed to diet. Which explains the Atkins reference several days ago.