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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Seriously...For the Curious

If you were really wondering what the heck this OzCon is and who got the nod, here is your answer.

Once upon a time, a writer had the idea that he wanted to start a workshop for writers who weren't beginners, but weren't seasoned pros, either. That man was Walter Jon Williams (livejournal feed is wjwblogspot). He had the idea that he would teach this as a two week workshop ably assisted by Connie Willis. He gathered a group on a mountain in New Mexico so he wouldn't have to drive very far and so the group would be out of breath for the first week with no choice but to listen.

The group bonded. Groups do. But this turned out to be a special group. They worked hard in the crit circle, they paid attention in lectures and applied what they learned during movie screenings. They talked and they wrote and they cooked and they had a great time in a very special location.

And, btw, he's doing it again this year with the fabulous KELLY LINK. The website is http://www.taostoolbox.com. Make sure you read the endorsements.

So, since this group became rather sentimental about breaking up and because one of them, tcastleb, was graduating from Seton Hill in January, yours truly offered to host a reunion party at that time. And someone dubbed it OzCon. When the time came, a fair number were still able to make the trek to Walkabout Farm to see the famous chicken, meet the one and only WeatherDude and sample life in what used to be the countryside of Virginia, nestled against the border of Maryland and West Virginia.

I'd like to host another OzCon someday. And I'd like some non-Taos Toolbox writers to come and stay, too. But you can't be afraid of the crit circle. We don't go that easy, though blood-letting is verboten.

Frog Out
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