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Worldcon in Denver

This may be repetition for many on my f-list, but I'm preaching. If I'm preaching to the choir, you know who you are.

denvention3 has posted a response to a question from mallory_blog where they state that they have no intention of organizing and holding a Milford-style Writers' Workshop as part of Worldcon this year. They respond as follows: "Sorry, but Denvention3 is not planning to hold a writer's workshop. There will however, be various program items on writing and publishing."

I'm sorry, but it's not the same. Not one little bit. Before LA, I attended several of those panels at previous worldcons. They are for a different audience.

I sold a story to Analog because it was critiqued at LAConIV in the Milford-style Writers' Workshop. I went to panels AFTER my workshop to hear what the writers had to say that had critiqued me. I never would have picked those panels to attend otherwise. I bought books by writers I had not previously heard of, writers that critiqued my work in that workshop. I never would have found these writers otherwise. I met Stan Schmidt of Analog (granted, for one minute) and I would not otherwise have been at his panel on Analog or have been introduced to him by name, had there not been a Milford-style Writers' Workshop in LA, organized by the very skilled Adrienne Foster. And I won't even go into the friendships I made, the ones I value highly, that never would have happened because our paths would not have crossed.

They have a programming survey here: http://www.denvention.org/programming/index.php

At LAConIV both short stories and novel excerpts were critiqued. I entered two short stories. I realize that the experience may have been different for other participants, the critiquers, the moderators. But if somewhere out there someone else agrees with me that it was/is a valuable opportunity, please tell Programming.

Frog Out


Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:44 am (UTC)
You are absolutely correct, worldcons are run by volunteers, by very good ones who do incredible work.

This is not complaining. This is a programming request on their survey site. If they know there is a large group asking for a Milford-style critique workshop, there are volunteers out there to organize one, though maybe not at this late date. If no one expresses the desire to have a workshop, it won't happen.

The worst thing people who want to participate in a workshop can do is stay silent now when they're taking requests and then complain after the fact that a workshop wasn't organized. It's not a fannish event, after all. But there's a huge pool of talented pros in one location at a worldcon and many of them are willing to take 3 hours out of their schedule to do a crit circle.

Thanks for posting your thoughts.