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Worldcon in Denver

This may be repetition for many on my f-list, but I'm preaching. If I'm preaching to the choir, you know who you are.

denvention3 has posted a response to a question from mallory_blog where they state that they have no intention of organizing and holding a Milford-style Writers' Workshop as part of Worldcon this year. They respond as follows: "Sorry, but Denvention3 is not planning to hold a writer's workshop. There will however, be various program items on writing and publishing."

I'm sorry, but it's not the same. Not one little bit. Before LA, I attended several of those panels at previous worldcons. They are for a different audience.

I sold a story to Analog because it was critiqued at LAConIV in the Milford-style Writers' Workshop. I went to panels AFTER my workshop to hear what the writers had to say that had critiqued me. I never would have picked those panels to attend otherwise. I bought books by writers I had not previously heard of, writers that critiqued my work in that workshop. I never would have found these writers otherwise. I met Stan Schmidt of Analog (granted, for one minute) and I would not otherwise have been at his panel on Analog or have been introduced to him by name, had there not been a Milford-style Writers' Workshop in LA, organized by the very skilled Adrienne Foster. And I won't even go into the friendships I made, the ones I value highly, that never would have happened because our paths would not have crossed.

They have a programming survey here: http://www.denvention.org/programming/index.php

At LAConIV both short stories and novel excerpts were critiqued. I entered two short stories. I realize that the experience may have been different for other participants, the critiquers, the moderators. But if somewhere out there someone else agrees with me that it was/is a valuable opportunity, please tell Programming.

Frog Out


Jan. 23rd, 2008 03:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

Firstly on behalf of all of us who work on the Masquerade. There'd be no point without an appreciative audience.

And secondly on behalf of the entire Worldcon community. These days we get far too many people who take the attitude that it is the responsibility of "them" to make things happen. It is a real pleasure to find someone who understands that it is actually the responsibility of "us" to do so.