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My Story (keep your tail off!)

Another productive day on 2 of 3 gigs, but it's time to get back to the freelance writing. Almost done with MK edits, just in time for the trip to Boston/Boskone this weekend. So, somewhere around an A minus today because I let the girls out on time and drafted a client's return, too.

But what's interesting (only to me) are the MK edits and what's happening. It's weird, because it's Blossom's story, not his, but I still think a lot about the Mouse King himself.

So here are various photos of no interest to anyone in particular, but I wanted to commemorate some part of this process:

I should warn folks that read the first finished draft that this is called the "stripped" version. Based on GF's critique, I've taken out a lot of worldbuilding that wasn't essential to the story...the story as it finally unfolded, not necessarily as I originally tried to write it. The first finished draft led the reader astray in terms of "whose story is this?" So I took out anything not directly related to the main story...and a lot of those edits happened before I printed out this draft. This work is looking at what's left and thinking about what's really going on, what's intended, what's accidental, what was Blossom's gift really about, what were the movtivations, what did Cumin really want and what does the MK really want. And looking at parallels to Helen and Iphegenia and what those mean to me.

Front Page with Major Comments to Myself

I had a lot to say here. I wonder what it was?

I shred most of these drafts later. That way I can recycle the shreds.

It's all very Swanwickian.

I like duplex printing. It takes getting used to, but it's kinder to trees to print on both sides in a draft.

Arrows do not mean forward progress in the story. It's more of a logical notation to myself of intent.

Hey, I've got 40 pages of this stuff by printing it out with such big margins. If you write a comment I don't like, I'll post photos of each and every one and start telling you my margin notes in all their gory detail.

I took a photo of this page because I made a lot of cuts.

Unfortunately, there are still some pages that look like this and no, it doesn't mean that they're so perfectly written that I have no changes...I haven't finished the process yet, but I'm getting there.

Last page...yes I have some thoughts here on how things should get wrapped up.
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