Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

To Pick Up the Pieces, You Have to Find Them First...

Back from Boskone, which was exhausting, even though I had a splitting headache on Sat night that kept me from the parties and the related networking. Others just had to do the partying in my stead. By the time I reached my parents' place on Sunday afternoon, I was fried. I fell asleep before 8pm and slept through the night. My mother was very sweet. She reads a lot during the night and gets up early. She used a flashlight in the living room where I was sleeping and in the morning she used my father's office to read so I wouldn't be disturbed. Moms are sometimes wonderful creatures. Even at 86, she hasn't stopped caring in such a small but thoughtful way. (Which is actually amazing, because she has developing Alzheimer's and is quite childish and selfish about other things.)

I won't go into the Boskone details. Many meetings, much learned, much business covered. A very productive weekend from the perspective of the writing business and what I want to do besides, well, write. Note to others: you don't necessarily have to be on panels to have a business reason for attending a con and thus, treat the expenses as business expenses. I can make a reasoned argument with any agent on what I set out to do and what I accomplished and how it fits with my overall business plan. It was a productive tax weekend as well. I met with a client who wasn't ready and with one who was.

Back on the farm, I've been working primarily on taxes. The Mouse King is ready for rewrite, but something in me is balking. My coursework needs to get going, I have final outlines for both courses and only 4 months now to write the topics.

So the title is how I feel. That I'm still looking for the pieces before I pick them up and put them together. My tax preparer self seems to be uppermost at the moment.

Frog Out
Tags: cons, tax, writing

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