Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

First Frost

First frost this morning. Not even a warm egg could keep my fingers warm. The white pines are losing their needles. They turn a beautiful shade of yellow and then drop off in the wind. Which leads to a trip to the roof of the house to clean the gutters. J and I do this together and sit on the roof to look at the world in a different way. It's only a one-story house for the most part, no height issues. Just a new way of seeing the 10 acres.

The woodchuck/groundhog continues to visit between lunch and teatime. Saw him running pellmell for a hole the other day. He must have a big territory, he was pretty far from the barn at that point. He continues to ignore other offerings and ripped open the new 50lb bag really well. So I refilled the trash can. The situation is temporary. They hibernate. How can I begrudge him a few extra calories in preparation for hibernation? Besides, J thinks maybe this means he will leave the pumpkins alone. The last few years we have been devastated to discover that our best pumpkins, when turned over, have a large bite taken out of them.

Work group last night, just W and I. I had a new story going, a fairy tale, first time in ages. But W said I read too soon, that it's become a habit with the group. Sigh. Sort of a damning way to say he didn't get or like what I read. And I was so pleased with the idea, too.

J rescued a smallish, youngish rabbit from the deck where the terror, Mrs. G, had left it. It was half her size. She's a terror to all rodents. It was still alive and he brought it in and placed it safely in a box with thoughts of nursing it back to health. Translation: I would have to take it to the vet's where they 'rescue' rabbits. However, it didn't last the night. Sad thoughts for bunnies this morning. Not that there's any shortage of them around here. But it's the passing of a life in the universe.

Need to get G to install that heater in my cabin.

Frog Out
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