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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Walkabout Farm

We have been here almost six years now. Five years ago, we asked the neighbors who breed Herefords on their 20 acres (that block us from the main road) if they would mind if we dug out a weedy, poison-ivy, scraggy, hedgerow along their fence line and replaced it with, well, forsythia. They didn't mind. The previous owners of our property were the ones who let the fenceline deteriorate. The Dude and my dad spent the late fall and early winter digging out the hedgerow completely. Weekend after weekend of work.

My father is a mad gardner who thinks BIG. Really big. Our ten acres is about right for his scope. That first spring, my father and Weatherdude planted 100 sticks 3 feet apart because forsythia was a plant we could all agree on. The next spring they planted another 100 mail-ordered sticks. Dad watered and loved and we put cow manure (from the neighbors pile) onto some of these sticks. Each spring he and I have trimmed these "sticks" after they bloom, which is the correct time to prune them.

We have begun to realize his vision...was he mad or a visionary?
My driveway, the last quarter mile or so towards the house

From the neighbor's bull pen

Closeup of forsythia bushes that were once single-stemmed sticks

Leaving you with, :::Sigh::: our driveway, gateway to Walkabout Farm and happy chickens

Should the sun come back out with blue sky while they're still in bloom, I'll try to remember to get more photos. This is the part of tax season I like.

Frog Out
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