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A very peaceful day, the 15th. Traditionally, that's how it should be. In fact, it usually ended with a major blowout party when I worked for Arthur Andersen. But little happens on the 15th. I spent my weekend answering stray questions designed to freak me out that something was wrong with a return, mostly on Saturday. Something like this IM:

Client: Should I be paying self-employment tax?
Me (panic mode as I try to find client's file): No...is the return showing any?
Client: Nope, just asking.
Me (sigh of relief as adrenal flow quickly shuts down): ok
Client: well, it's all just fruit to me so I'm trying to think up intelligent questions to ask as I review it.

I was up til midnight putting the final touches on my own return, always the first one drafted and last one completed. I needed the Dude's signature before he left for work, of course. So when I got up, it was to coffee and writing. Ah, writing. Wow. How I missed you, even the non-fiction stuff I'm doing.

The chickens were peaceful too. All the little ones have started laying, we think, based on the sudden increase from 1-2 eggs per day to 6-8 and 9 today. That was 6 from the little ones and 3 from the big girls. Egg cartons are beginning to fill in the fridge.

A client called a few minutes ago. I almost skipped the call since E was already going to bed, but I went and checked the message. Last minute panic attack over a login that wouldn't work. Worked fine for me so I fixed the problem and now I truly believe we're done for the season. Two on extension, but completely mitigating circumstances.

Oh and that cold with fever The Dude had? It hung on for a week. I managed to avoid that by sleeping elsewhere. Then E came home from school with your normal stuffed up nose cold, the kind I really hate. I dodged the one bullet but not the other. Finishing the last week of work with a head cold was a pain in my rear. I felt all fuzzy headed and worked at about half my normal speed. I'm still a bit stuffed up, but soooo much better than two days ago.

So that's why I've been offline. I've been sort of keeping up with the f-list, but now I'm behind a few days.

Frog Out
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