Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Walkabout Watch Update

She seems to be doing better. If she were going to keel over, it happens quickly with chickens. One day they're walking, the next they're pushing up daisies.

Thanks for all the heartfelt outpourings of affection for Walkabout and her people. Thanks especially to mount_oregano for her wonderful post of the Running Chicken Nebula. So nice to know that the heavens take care of chickens, too.

Walkabout began to eat bread as offered. In fact, she is the only chicken who will take bread out of my hand as she sits on the roost. I tried this to make sure she got a special share of E's crusts each morning. Especially as she seemed to have difficulty getting down off the top rung. The first day she was not as piggy as she usually is, but she was willing to eat. The past couple of days, she's been her usual piggy self about the crusts. Tomorrow morning I may try letting her out again. When I originally posted about her not feeling well, I had let her out, even carried her to the house, but she just walked back down to the barn again and stood there. It broke my heart to watch her slowly walking back.

Meanwhile, we had more than 4 inches of rain. And all at once, the hole we call a vernal pond had water in it again. And our peepers and frogs woke up. This has made Walkabout Farm a happy place. We love our frogs, toads, and assorted other beasties. After all, if the tree frogs aren't happy, I won't see the birdhouse frog this year. The cacophony is incredible. It's nothing at all like hearing it coming from acres away in the swamp across other properties. It's so in-your-face when it's right in your yard. Most people don't like the sound. It's so beautiful to us, a constant symphony of different calls. They're making up for lost time because they're a good six weeks late. Good luck to them. We'll need more rain for the tadpoles to survive to maturity. Fingers crossed.

Frog Out
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