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Farm News

Where do I start? It's been a while.

Blueberries were pretty good this year. Last year the drought had them smaller than usual. This year's rain in June had them just the right size and sweetness. (Since they're not the small, wild, kind.) This year's pies required no more than a 1/4 cup of sugar, maybe not that. But I was making them to others' tastes, not mine, so I did add sugar. I shipped blueberries again to frostokovich and dancinghorse. They have a standing order, plus I can never thank either of them enough for their mentoring over the years. And they're both blueberry freaks, like I am.

The last pie was made while I was at Readercon, for my parents. This is the first summer they haven't been out at the farm and helping me pick what I needed for pie after pie. And this year I learned to make blueberry muffins from scratch. Not all that hard, really. Joy of Cooking is a great resource.

Eggs are stacking up a bit. Our primary buyer moved to New Zealand. We were up to a gross in the fridge, but I'm working it down. Eggs for every meal, basically. No need to buy meat until they're down to a dull roar. The cool part is that I've been boiling the old ones (they need to be about 2 weeks old or they won't peel) and E is eating them like crazy, deviled and plain, both. And we have six new little ones who are already pumping out pullet eggs. We lost six this spring (boy, those March girls were dumber than posts!) and replaced them before we realized we were losing our best buyer. But it's fun to see them flying around the run. They're feistier than the March bunch, some of them are taking no grief from the big girls, climbing right up onto the top roost at night.

TWO woodchucks now. Sheesh. I just hope our bachelor didn't get married this spring.

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