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Ok, so lately I've been thinking about some change. G usually spends time here each year when he doesn't have other work, doing Something to the House. This year I decided to go after a room that has never been painted in the six years we've been here and who knows when it was painted before that...maybe 20 years or more. There are 3 rooms to the addition, my office, what we use as a dining room and what I call the living room. (The Dude and E call it the Sun Room for obvious reasons.)

You will never see me wearing yellow by choice. But I decided to paint the dining room walls yellow, a very bold departure for me. Usually, I pick an offwhite and use a light color for trim. Not this time. I wanted something that would leave me in no doubt that it had COLOR. G was game. (Guess he hasn't been writing much this summer and was bored by other jobs.) Armed with paint chips, I began looking and quickly narrowed my choices. In walks E after camp and immediately picks the only chip that has orange in it. Now, E prefers VERY bold colors, so she's picked the color that is deepest. Which wouldn't do for the walls at all. The rule is go two shades lighter than the one you like on the strip.

Orange is perhaps even less one of my colors than yellow is (and bright red is right out).

So ignoring my color expert (E), G got me several samples of the yellows I had selected. ALL of which went beige or greenish on my walls. A quality of the light. And guess what? Going 2-3 shades lighter than E's pick actually looked very yellow. Duh. Should have listened to my color expert (E). She might be 9, but she has one hell of an eye for it.

Of course, E then selected this very fluorescent yellow called Lemon Meringue instead. Now that would have glowed in the dark. So we *ahem* edited her final selection and didn't mention it. Her orange is on the doors to the living room, which were once the french doors to a patio before the addition was built.

And now? I'm liking a green for my office. But we won't be moving the books and bookcases to do it. We'll be painting the edges, I think. I think. Heck of an opportunity to get those books dusted properly.

Photos below the cut of G teaching E to paint properly. Maybe when she grows up she too can be a painter when the art thing isn't paying the rent very well.

G gives E a lesson in proper painting of walls.

E puts on the first coat behind the china closet...guess I get to wash my mother's bone china now.

and my wine glasses and my bowls and etc., currently covering the guest bed.

Friday E and G worked on the doors...

No one but E is sure about the doors, but man I like the way the walls are turning out, in several lightings. This one happens to have G's spotlight on it.

Need more paint down here...G was hesitant to let E paint the doors, but she wheedled and wheedled until he gave in. Men are such pushovers for a cute girl. He wanted her to paint inbetween the panes, but she wanted to do *this* part. She's no one's Indian to their Chief. (Neither is her mom, quel surprise)

This looks back into the dining room and shows the wall that hasn't been painted yet...off-white.

Ok, Mom. You can turn OFF the camera now. Bye.

E had sedation dentistry on Friday and she's looking pretty good at this point. 11 cavities and a tooth extracted, courtesy of not going to the dentist because I couldn't have explained the process to her before now. I've promised myself this was a one-shot deal and she'll go from now on. They have lots of ways to make it fun for kids these days. Watch a movie. Lasers. Who knew.

And if that weren't fun enough yesterday (your child scarily looking like she's overdosed on alcohol or drugs), the dentist found a louse, courtesy of summer camp. We are now combing and washing and vacuuming. Oh joy. Hey, I didn't really want to get any work done. Thankfully, we seem to have caught the situation very early.

Frog Out


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Jul. 26th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
I bet the sun room will be even cozier after you're done.

Agh! A louse! Hopefully not so hard to get rid of as bedbugs. We're still in uproar here trying various methods of eradication. Right now I have a book in my car with a meat thermometer probe inside to see it it will really get up to 130 farenheit on a sunny day.
Jul. 26th, 2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
I love that yellow. And I really love the doors. Like E, I'm Color Girl. The only white room in the house is the bedroom, currently splotched with patches of gold and rose because we can't stand it any more. Everything else is shades of deep green and a kind of parchment in the halls and adobe red in the kitchen. With yellow cabinets.

As for the louse--I always thought summer camp was Medieval, but I had no idea how complete the experience would be. Good luck with the deep cleaning. As soon as I get this book handed in, I'm going to be doing the same thing.
Jul. 27th, 2008 02:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks! That yellow is teasing me to do more colors in other locations. Freshly painted walls are a thing of wonder. Now for the flooring, which is an ancient rug that smells of dog every time it rains. (Accidents, poor old dear.) Bamboo flooring.

Summer camp is very medieval, but in a good way for a country girl who's an only child and under psychologist orders to have lots of interaction with other kids. They run the place on chaos, like a large neighborhood, mostly day campers. 500 acre boarding school campus. Better than any camp I ever went to. She comes home dirty, sunburned, and exhausted, babbling of horses and things she did. She protests it each year and then enjoys it.

Jul. 26th, 2008 05:55 pm (UTC)
Cool pix! I'm so glad you're back to LJ, Oz. Missed ya! :)
Jul. 28th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
Hiya, Oz. Great photos. Nice colors. Welcome back to LJ Land.

Love, Wendy
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