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Hello August

Two posts in July...how sad. But I am reading blogs again.

Work in the dining room continues, there's a photo link at the bottom of the posting.

Meanwhile, G is outraged by the resident woodchuck, now at least two woodchucks. There are no less than 3 vertical holes of size to twist an ankle in the dirt floor of the barn. Not to mention the various bolt holes dug under the walls for easy egress. So G found the trap we borrowed from a friend in 2000. (And never returned, though we meant to. At the time, we were trapping and relocating raccoons from our townhouse.) G set it in the barn on Wed. And immediately trapped a woodchuck. Either young or female, but definitely much smaller than our resident bachelor. (Although I think he got married this year.) So he relocated it. At least I hope he did. He drove it off in his truck and when he came back he described where he opened the cage. Or made it up. G is a writer, after all. He knows these roads and it wouldn't be difficult for him to interlace fiction with nonfiction just enough to make the story plausible. But since I don't want to know if something different was the woodchuck's fate, I'll buy his story. And since I'm paying him by the hour, I think I did. Though G just gets involved in our lives when he's here and does a lot without charging anything. Like paint splotches on my walls and talk about writing and listen to my stories about being in a hotel room with six men and a lot of wine.

Much of this week, G was on a Dude mission. The Dude has been meaning to build shelves in the basement for storage, but can't seem to get to it. So he sidetracked G to do it while we were waiting for the flooring to arrive. And now we have shelving in the unfinished part of the basement. And G pushed us to simply throw stuff away instead of donating it, to do the irresponsible thing and give it all to a landfill. Which we did, especially with stuff that had been in the "donate" pile for close to a year. And then there were the marital memory photos of places we've lived that were damaged by some water. And 2 boxes of vinyl records also water-damaged, though we have most of them on cd now. And a filing cabinet that seemed to attract cat pee. So while I'm missing my memories, I'm also many pounds lighter of sheer STUFF.

Frog Out

View #1 shows the (fake) tile by the glass door and a few sample pieces of the bamboo flooring, plus the walls, door and the lined drapes my mother made in 1964. Taken with a flash.

To the right we have the currently empty china cabinet and the wall next to the dining room table that will soon have a cedar plate rail on it at about the same height as the top of the door frame (also framed in cedar). This will let me display some of the many different bone chinas that have been given into my care by my various maternal ancestors.

Another view, just because I'm so pleased with how it's turning out...

Without flash, natural afternoon light...I'm kind of goofy with this project, aren't I?

Ok, so this is what the sitting room looks like with the ugly old rug that must be over 30 years old. It would look really cool in bamboo too, wouldn't it? Well, see that bookcase? The Dude wants to knock out that wall and I don't. We've been at stalemate over it for more than 5 years. So we live with the crappy rug for now. Until one of us blinks.

And one final note of interest to no one:

When G and I moved the bookcase in the dining room (hey, it was wall space going to waste and we have lots and lots and lots of books!), we found this mess. There's a toe kick on the bottom of the bookcase, so the only way under it was from behind, squeezing in from the baseboard. Uh-huh. These, my children, are the remains of a mouse party. Lots and lots of mouse droppings. And what's that, you ask? That shiny stuff is foil wrappers from mini Reese's peanut butter cups. I used to keep a candy bowl on top of a cabinet in the dining room a few years ago and Reese's cups were a regular. So, did the mouse climb the cabinet, swipe the Reese's and then get it under the bookcase? Far-fetched as it sounds, how else did the damned wrappers get back there??? This, of course, was before we had four house cats. We were overrun with mice the first two years we lived here. Then we upped our interior cat count and the mice have been relatively scarce ever since. The snakes have helped too. The ones we found in the attic. The one whose skin we found in the basement. Hey, we like anything that eats mice.

(Ummmm, did I mention we're raising a new mouse king rescued from one of the cats?)
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