Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Home, But Only For A Few Days...

I returned home to see the beautiful floor in the dining room. The sound in there is still hard, but nothing is on the walls yet. G Dude is making my plate rail and then I'll be able to figure out the final room arrangement. I'm going to need a nice something over the walnut table that used to hold all the cat food. And all of E's art from art camp has accumulated on the dining room table. So no photos just yet.

Meanwhile G has been painting the sitting room, but it's a basic off-white called apple tint. So nothing exciting there. The exciting part is that the Dude (my Dude) has decided that the sitting room carpet is so incredibly ugly that we should go ahead and rip it out and put in bamboo flooring. So now the G Dude gets to figure out how to put down a wood floor over a concrete slab, which is this part of the house. This is going to raise the comfort/cozy level quite a bit. The Dude still wants to knock out the wall, though. Which might happen. If we win the lottery I don't enter or something like that.

Wrapping up some tax work this week, some nonfiction coursework, some house stuff. Then E and I are off on our annual August visit to Nahant on Friday. We'll stay a week and get home again with a week to spare before school starts. Basically E has trashed all her t-shirts with paint and other products and we need to shop. Ah, the life of an artist who won't wear a smock.

Frog Out
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