Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

A Different Kind of Sighting

So here I am, scooping up newsstand copies of November's Analog and I don't feel all that silly doing it. I have relatives, after all.

But meanwhile, my neighbor is now the self-appointed dictator, er, president, of the newly-formed (by her) H.O.D.F.C., Purcellville Division. Heck, I think she's the President of the world-wide H.O.D.F.C. She sent me a fan letter:

"You can WRITE! My gosh, "Re\Creation" was great. Just finished it, in a quiet moment today. All I could think was 'Wow. This is really good. Wow. She can really write.'"

My response was: "What were you expecting? Total crap?"
(Typical smart-ass writer response. Note to self: say "thank-you" and shut up.)

And she said, no, but she had no context, it's all hush-hush, this being a writer thing. Which is true. One is very careful what one says until an editor has actually purchased something, until one has a sale. It takes guts up to that point to quietly say in public "I'm a writer." I then usually hedge by saying "I'm a CPA" something people can identify with. But maybe now I won't hedge so often.

I needed a break this morning and I figured the issue had been out long enough, so I skimmed through the Reader's Forum online, looking at the two threads for the November issue. Both contained comments on "Re\Creation" much to my surprise (and secret delight).

The Dude (called to read the posts) wonders how I will react to a negative comment on the story. I wouldn't link to it, that's for sure. But I told him the point is people are actually READING it. In an issue that contains the opening 1/4 of a new novel by Robert Sawyer by way of competition. We write in solitude, we writers. Our work is read by family, friends, crit circles, editors. And now, my story has actually been read by people who have no connection to me, have never heard of me.

And, btw, the first two comments posted are both favorable. They found "Re\Creation" worth their time and money. (Mixed feelings about it, but that's not the point either.)

I'm a happy camper this morning.
Frog Out
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